Friday, June 11, 2010

Urban Voice New Issue Soon

Dear Friends
Urban Voice, the literary journal we had started a few years ago, for reasons many, only came out with just three episodes.
Now, we plan to convert Urban Voice, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd, Bombay, into a quarterly exercise, to involve and feature good writings from India and elsewhere.
In our next issue, which should come out next month, we plan to focus on this theme: ‘India: What Makes Us Strong (or Weak) in This Millennium’. It would contain essays, each about 2,000 words, from distinguished and talented writers from different walks of life, on subjects as varied as Polity, Business, Sport, Literature, the Arts and Lifestyle.
In this regard we take the liberty of seeking an essay from you, on a subject you are familiar with and accustomed to. It should ideally be a new piece of writing by you, but we are also open to accept an article that might have appeared earlier, but updated or/and tailor-made for this volume. We leave it to you to take any stand and employ any style or substance.
I hope you do not disappoint us and if you have any more queries related to the same, please do feel free to write back. The deadline: asap.
Waiting for your reply.
Sunil K Poolani
Executive Director, Publisher and Managing Editor
Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Mumbai /
Phone: +91-9820478950


Pravin Nair said...

Hi Sunil!

That's great news!.Looking forward to some amazing write up's, articles..I think it is important for such a journal, plugs the much needed gaps in the existing thought drought..I think your journal could be an aggregator of sorts, accumulating divergent views without compromising on the freshness of thought..

I liked the topic/theme of the issue as well: a nice showcase of India across different spheres would surely make for some interesting reading :-)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Punil... Oops... Sunil, I have always expected something like this from you. I just hope that it succeeds big time. I sincerely hope that this venture GRADUALLY morphs into a regularly published MONTHLY magazine edited by you. Keep it up!!! Here's wishing you all the very best in your latest venture. Thanks and Regards.
POSTSCRIPT: It would be a very good idea to have some stories about MOVIE CLASSICS also. At some point, you can even tie up with Moser Baer or some other company to include FREE DVDs of movie classics along with your magazine. Computer magazines include free DVDs of software all the time. Thanks and Regards.
Bobby Anthony (

Warren said...

I hope you pay these writers instead of using their work in the name of publicity, while you pocket the profits.