Monday, November 24, 2008

Urban Voice 4: Kerala

Dear Friends
Hope this mail finds you in the pink of health and wealth.
As you would know, Frog Books ( has been publishing a literary magazine, Urban Voice since last year and so far three issues have come out. The last one was on Bombay: New Writing. It has, as you could see if you do a Google search, got tremendous response from discerning readers and critics.
Our next issue is on Kerala: New Writing. I would like you to contribute any one of the following for the issue, which will capture the essence and spirit of the State:
1) Essays
2) Short Stories
3) Poetry
4) Play
5) Travelogue
6) Art
The contributions can be either in original English or in translation; and I leave that to you.
Hope we could get a favourable response from you soon.
The deadline is 15 December.
Please send your contributions to
Sunil K Poolani

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